Why Remote One Solutions

we’re committed to cultivating a diverse workforce who thrives in inclusive work environments.


At Remote One Solutions, we search the entire country for your remote workers to find the best candidates for your organization. Every potential candidate goes through our thorough vetting process to ensure your team has the necessary qualifications and experience to take on mission-critical projects.

But it doesn’t end there. Our full recruiting process includes background checks, video interviews, and a skill assessment to find the top talent available. Plus, we offer ongoing training to ensure your virtual teams continue to improve and excel over time.

We make the process easy.

by providing entrepreneurs and business the tools to reach success without endless to-do lists and frustrating busy work.

We make the process easy.

Entrepreneurs and business owners the tools to reach success without endless to-do lists and frustrating busy work.

We work to bring you the perfect match.

We specialize in finding and matching you with the right professional to serve you best and fit your culture. We focus on results and innovations while we measure what works to maximize ROI.

We realize every individual has unique needs.

We offer a wide variety of premium services, including everything from talent acquisition to helpful business process automation.

We have a wide range of industry experience.

At Remote One Solutions, we’re proud to serve a niche Industries

  • Public Sector – Government Agenies 
  • Private sector
  • Real Estate Professionals, investors, brokers, underwriters, loan officers
  • Attorney’s Office
  • Medical Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Fintech Companies
  • Call Centers
  • SaaS Companies Software as a Service
  • Mobile Industry – Tele communications
  • E-Commers Industry
  • Banking and Financial services
  • Nonprofits


Remote One Solutions

Provides Premium Remote Virtual Talent to entrepreneurs’ small business, Startups, and Corporate around the world. We are base in Atlanta, GA. Our founder — has hands 20 years of experience in Marketing, IT Operations Cyber Production Support Industry, Marvina also has a background in Marketing and working with Real Estate Investors, Professionals and Nonprofits as a System Process consultant developer and trainer. Marvina has worked virtual assistance and has train VA teams in Marketing cold calling, acquisitions, Ring Central

CRM such as Podio, KVCore. She took a chance by leaving her career in Corporate America and started this company. At the time, she was 42 and a single mother, but she still had the determination and desire to build a business where she could have more control over her time and training and solutions.  Her passion for helping others led her to provide more solutions to businesses and entrepreneurs that may not have the resources to spend on in-house teams and talent. She was able to use her strengths to build a successful company that offered a niche of mix of solutions to help startups and business owners, and corporate companies.

A Right-Hand Virtual Assistant For Every Business

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The workforce is becoming more global!

Remote One Solutions is dedicated to proving excellent Premium Remote Virtual Talent to Entrepreneurs, business owners the tools to reach success without endless to-do lists and frustrating busy work. We realize every company and individual has unique needs, which is why we offer a variety of premium remote solutions.

While our founder built her business, she quickly realized she couldn’t reach her full potential without qualified, trained specialists to help share the load. So, she devised a solution to train and build remote teams to provide invaluable virtual talented professionals for busy professionals like herself.

Create a Team of Global Superstars

We’ve connected our clients with top talent in countless countries, including: 

  • Philippines 
  • Colombia 
  • Liberia
  • Ghana

And plenty more! 

Regardless of where any team member lives, we’ll verify their expertise through our intensive vetting process before connecting them to you. That means you’ll be working with the world’s best. 

Marvina Skaf

Founder and CEO

Akeela Miller

Director of New Business and Operations

Mary Angelene Sotelo

Client Relation Manager

Ed Joseph De Guzman

Solution ExperT & Account ManageR